Embraer 170/175 problem

Hello everyone!

I recently got into a small problem…I have the FSS Embraer 170/175 for MSFS, and when I try to make a flightplan on SimBrief, then implement it into the sim, everything goes well, except that GSX says the simbrief profile doesn’t match…I checked it, and looks like it’s true.

I chose the 175 in SimBrief, but for some reason, all the flight plans coming down with a 170 as the plane in it.

Do you know any solution for this problem? Thanks in advance.


E170 is indeed the correct ICAO code for the E175.

I have heard reports from other users as well that this causes issues with GSX, I’m afraid you might need to contact them so that they can fix this issue on their end.

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I see…okay, thanks for the info.

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It’s possible the FSS addon uses one of the 2 other valid ICAO codes for variants of the E175?



Thanks Tim, I think my information was out of date. It looks like most E175s now use the E75L ICAO code (E75S is also used but it’s much less common).

I’ve updated SimBrief’s E175 to use E75L now. Depending on which XML key GSX is reading it may or may not solve the mismatch issue however.


Most E175 E1 probably use the fancy-looking winglets (long wing), I guess:



The FSS E170/175 also have short and long winglet version