Follow Up Question on FSS E175

The two threads on the E175 Aircraft Type and GSX reporting SimBrief does not recognize aircraft type are closed. I don’t see where (and the steps haven’t been explained in the other threads) I can designate the E75L or E75S anywhere on Simbrief. I am hoping this solves the GSX/Simbrief mismatch,

Can you please explain the steps I would take to change the aircraft type designation (might be the ICAO code for the plane)? I know how to save airframes, but I don’t know how to change aircraft type. Thank you.

Hi, you can change the ICAO code in the airframe settings here:

That being said, I am not sure if GSX is correctly reading that field when importing from SimBrief. It’s possible it won’t help, but give it a try and let us know if you can!

If it doesn’t help, you might need to file a bug report with GSX so that they read the correct icao_code value when importing from SimBrief.

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