EIDW No stars available

Op System: Windows 11
FS Version: MSFS2020
Add-on: A32NX
AIRAC Update No: 2309
Problem Details:
I wanted to fly from EDDM to EIDW, I can program EDDM but in EIDW Arrival I can select the ILS Approach 28L but no stars are available. for non of the arrivals. I have this problem only in EIDW
Screenshot 2023-09-16 091311

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The EIDW in MSFS is outdated - a runway is missing and therefore the logic in the MSFS disable the terminal procedures. You have all STARs available in that moment, where you update your scenery for EIDW.

Here default MSFS:

here the real-world:

You see 10L/28R is missing and therefore the terminal procedures are missing (again this is an MSFS limitation).

Using 3rd party scenery, where all runways are available:

… also all STARs are available:

Hope that helps,

Yes, thank you. With a 3rd party scenery it works. It is still a MSFS secret why you can land on 28L , choose ILS28L but can’t see any STARs.
Thank you

Indeed :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback - enjoy your weekend

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