EGNT RNP Transitions from the STAR

Using AIRAC 2104 I can see that the navdata does not display correctly for Newcastle.

The POL1N and RIMTO1N are both STARs (this is shown correctly), however the ETSES1J and ETSES1K are transitions associated with the RNP07 and RNP25 respectively. All four show as STARs though therefore you cannot select the POL1N into the ETSES1K transition to the RNP25 as you would in real life.

Is this easy enough to fix please for future navdata releases? I did report this back when the STARs were first introduced around 18 months ago and I’m sure it was fixed for a short while?

I’m seeing this “issue” in both the charts app and in the navdata on the PMDG 737 - I guess it’s a coding issue across all of the dataset but just in case that helps.



Any update please Navigraph?

sorry, in this case, we shall ask our data-provider. According our source, all defined as STARs so the parser works correctly but I can´t say why Jeppesen codes this as a STAR. Possible that there is a special reason for that. We will ask …

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Hi I’m also interested in this one, still seems to be a STAR on charts and data.

Thanks David