EDDT (Tegel) issue RNAV08R

Hi There,
I am having a problem to set my arrival to EDDT RWY 08 using RNAV08R approach.
In my MCDU I am just selecting RNAV08R via LANUR as my approach and the STAR GOLBO1Z without any transition (the A320 flybywire doesn’t give me this option even if there are transitions available)
The problem about this is that I see in my navigation map lots of waypoints that are included in the transition 10-2F LANUM 08L 08R. Am I missing something or this is a bug?
I am expecting to see just the STAR GOLBO1Z ( 10-2 GOLBO 1Z) and the RNAV 08R approach (12-2).

I’ve realized that under vias there are 2 LANUM, the first one adds the transition that I mentioned before, the second doesn’t do that, I believe this is a bug then… (I am still learning)