EDDF KERA3A approach to the RWY 25L

I am using AIRAC2204 over X-Plane/Zibomod 737. Some user has reported that there was something wrong with the arrival. I tried myself. First of all, some waypoints are alternating between bypass and displaying height. Then I noticed that the airport have been placed at an infinite point. ın plan mode the airport was not indicated. Although I have fix circles at 5 and 10 NM still I was not able to see the airport even with maximum zoom. I finally could locate the airport but even landing was a problem the airplane did a final flare but could not touch the ground. Can someone check if there’s something wrong with the AIRAC2204 for this runway?

The picture shows maximum zoom and waypoints are collected at the bottom of the screen. But the airport is nowhere to be found… As you see the magenta line goes to infinity.