Dynamically update airport map with NOTAM data

Obviously the NOTAM feature is very new but it would be interesting to eventually see the airport map (basic world map view, not charts) have a toggle option to “red out” NOTAM’d closed spots (taxiways, runways, etc.).

Great NOTAM feature either way.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion!

I agree this would be great, but at the moment it would be actually quite complex to add this (since we’d need to interpret the NOTAM text itself, which could be written any number of ways).

I’m not even aware of any real-world professional apps that are able to do this reliably yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for any developments on the subject.

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Thanks for the response! I’m US-based so I’ve gotten used to the robotic garbage our NOTAM system is, but I agree including all countries would be difficult.

I believe Garmin Pilot can but like you said, reliably is the keyword here.

Already a great start including NOTAM data in general. Thank you!

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