AMM improvements and dedicated app buttons

Hello everyone,
I performed a quick search and at the best extension of my knowledge, these features have not been requested yet. If they are my apologies.

I suggest to incorporate a button on the 10-9 chart of every airport to jump immediately to the AMM (airport moving map) of that specific airport and vice versa. In order not to move the map around in critical phases like after landing.

Plus…AMM would need increased info. First of all runway dimensions, a better indication of the runway number (maybe white number on a red background?) :wink: and please, adaptive text. I mean a text that is able to autoplace in order not to hide what there is written behind. Sometimes it happens that even at max zoom in an airport, stand or a taxiway code letter id is hidden behind the airport name or a concourse name. This is pretty inconvenient I personally think.

I hope all this is on the roadmap and keep up the amazing and beautiful work! :sunglasses:


Hi, thank you for the feedback!

If you don’t mind, could you split this up into two different topics? One regarding the shortcut from the 10-9 to the AMM, and another for AMM improvements.

Thanks for considering this! It would make it a lot easier for us to keep track of the feature requests.

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte.
Thanks for your reply.
Of course. I do it Immediately. I modify the subject of this post and I create a new one for the AMM improvements.

Have a very good day