Downloader Popup is Intermittent

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I really appreciate the essential services you folks provide. What a boon to flight simulation. Pat yourselves on the back for a job very well done.

Quickly… the only issue I have is the downloader popup not working every time I generate a flight plan. Sometimes the popup shows, and the flight plan is downloaded in the background, but more times than not, the popup is a no show. I must then click on the downloader icon in the system tray and start the download manually.

This is just a minor inconvenience, so really not big deal in the grand scheme of things. But is there something I should do to ensure the popup comes up every time I generate a flight plan? Or is there some reason you can think of that is preventing it?

I am on the Windows Insider program (and have been for many years) so I am always running a dev or beta build of Win11. I realize you don’t support this, but the popup does actually work, just not every time.


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Hi Doug,

This is probably a bit hard for us to troubleshoot from our end, but the first step would be to check whether the flight plan is actually being downloaded (and just not showing you the alert), or if it isn’t even being downloaded to begin with.

Next time it happens, try opening the main Downloader window and checking if the “Latest Flight Plan” at the top is the correct one. If it still shows the old one, then it means something in your network is interfering with the push notification. Would be difficult to isolate though if that was the case.

If the “Latest Flight Plan” is showing the correct flight, then it means the data was downloaded, but Windows prevented the pop-up for some reason. That is normally caused by the “Focus Assist” setting, which is a feature that prevents Windows from showing notifications during quiet hours or when you’re in a game. Maybe try adjusting those settings if so, or disabling Focus Assist completely as a test.

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Bingo! Sure enough, I had “Notification” settings in effect when full-screen games were being played and the Downloader popup was being blocked. Disappointed that it didn’t occur to me but grateful for your reply. This is no longer an issue.

Once again, really appreciate the services Navigraph provides and how they have helped take flight simulation to the next level. Blue skies!


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