Downloader has placed file correctly but

It appears the Downloader is placing the PMDG 737 xxx.rte file correctly into the /work/Flightplans folder, but I can’t view the file using Windows Explorer. I get the message “This Folder is Empty.”

It must not be empty, because I can load this particular xxx.rte file into the PMDG FMC?

However, I can view the same flight plan, in a different format xxx.pln, in the correct folder, and it will load Flight Plan into MSFS 2020 simulator, showing the route of the flight.

It appears windows is preventing me from viewing the xxx.rte file?

Bill Clark

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Hi Bill,

Please see FAQ - Exporting SimBrief flight plans to PMDG 737 for MSFS and check if the rte files are in the correct folder.


Attached are images of the PMDG Flight Plan Path and Weather Path. Both of these paths are working well as I am able to load the Route and the Weather into my PMDG FMS. However, I am not able to view the file contents of them, they are just empty:


It might be important to point out, that the two paths above did not exist until I started using Simbrief and its downloader. I looked up the paths, and added them manually. I don’t know if PMDG should have created these paths, but I never touched the PMDG module in the Community folder?

Could the issue be one of Windows 10 permission, to see the .RTE or .WX files?

The MSFS Flight Plan is in the correct folder and the .PLN files can be viewed, this folder is correct and is displayed on the MSFS World Map

That’s strange, my money would be a permissions issue but I’m not sure why that would happen.

Are you using the Microsoft Store version or Steam version of MSFS?

What if you try to browse folder-by-folder to the PMDG flight plans directory? For example, start at C:\, then double-click the Users folder, then KillerSys, and so on until you get to pmdg-aircraft-737\work\Flightplans. At which folder does it stop you from going further? Or does it let you go all the way to the Flightplans folder, only it shows no files in it?

Also, can you send a screenshot of the empty folder and/or error message you’re seeing?



The version of MSFS was purchased directly from Microsoft as a download.

Below is an image of the 737 Flightplans Path. You can see the complete path to the flight sim plans folder and it is empty.

According to my PMDG FMC, it appears to show 6 flight plans available. If this is the case, I will periodically have to delete the Flightplans folder to keep the number of flight plans manageable, and then recreate the Flightplans folder manually so I can download files in the future

Like you, I tend to believe it may be a permissions issue, but have no idea on how to remedy?

Bill Clark

Actually, I just noticed the Flightplans folder in your previous screenshot is not the same as the one you have pointed the SimBrief Downloader to.

Your SimBrief Downloader is set to: Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalState/Packages/pmdg-aircraft-737/work/Flightplans

While your latest screenshot shows this folder: Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalCache/Packages/pmdg-aircraft-737/work/Flightplans

Can you check the LocalState folder to see if your files are there?

Best regards,

I finally see what happened, I was looking for PMDG files in the LocalCache branch, where I should not have put the pmdg path, which I will need to delete.

And yes, all the missing files I could not find are in the Flightplans and WX file folders via the LocalState path.

Thanks for pointing out that error, problem fixed.

Bill Clark

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