Download FMS Data after subscription end

Although I might not need above scenario anytime soon, I’m wondering if you can still download FMs data after the subscription ends? This is because I for example currently I don’t use little nav map, but might want to update the nav DB at a later point when my subscription has ended.

If so I might need to pro-actively manually download all the airac updates for extensions I expect to use (if allowed at all?)


we don´t offer outdated cycles, but you have the possibility to make a backup of your navdata files - or to download the corresponding addons via the manual-installer directly from the webpage, that you can use it whenever and how long you need. The usage of these possible outdated files than don´t stop with the subscription (excluding services as SimBrief, or some other 3rd party dev´s which use our datasets also).

Hope that helps,

PS: but we assume, that this question was only hypothetical because you don´t plan to stop your subscription :wink:

Thanks for your swift answer! Purely hypothetical at the moment ;).

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