Do not pull all information from Extra FPL Info (Item 18) when used Save Airframe profile

Why SB does not pull all information from Extra FPL Info (Item 18) when I use Save Airframe to generate a route?

Hi, your API integration is sending a custom acdata parameter when you generate your flights.

As an example from your latest flight, the API sent the following:

{"cat":"M","equip":"SDE2E3FGHIJ1RWXY","transponder":"LB1V1","pbn":"A1B1C1D1O1S1S2","extrarmk":"OPR\/VCLX.ORG RVR\/200 RMK\/OCC","oew":"91.893","mzfw":"138.3","mtow":"174.2","mlw":"146.301","max_fuel":"46.101","hexcode":"4D00F6","per":"C","maxpax":186}

Since the extrarmk property is sent in the acdata parameter, this overrides the Extra FPL Info (Item 18) option in your custom airframe.

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Thanks for your help and tips.

If I leave blank the custom acdata the extrarmk section, will use a mix of data? Like the other information from the custom acdata and from the Save Airframe profile?

Yes, if you remove the extrarmk field from the acdata, you can keep the other acdata fields and it will use the Item 18 data from your airframe.

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