Display problem on second monitor

Hi Guys, I’m probably doing something daft, but I have two monitors - my main monitor is 3440 x 1440 - used for flightsim (MSFS & XP12), and my second is portrait at 1080 x 1920, used for Navigraph etc. For some reason, Navigraph never shows the windows controls (the max, min and close icons at the top right). I’ve attached a screenshot of how that looks, along with a copy of my window-state.json file.

Any help would be appreciated! Many thanks, Matt.

Hi Matt! Welcome back!

That’s odd! The only case where those should be hidden is if you have entered fullscreen mode by pressing the F11 key. Could you try focusing the window and pressing this key, to see what happens? Let me know how it works out!

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte

Thanks for coming back to me and for your suggestion. I’m currently sweating from embarrassment as that fixed the problem. I only have 36 years working as a professional in the IT industry and a large part of my spare time is spent technically supporting friends and family with their PC issues – how I missed this one, I will never know – honestly, I will now crawl away into the dark and will try VERY hard not to bother you again, ever (at least, not until I’ve read “Windows for Dummies” several times).

Thank you for being the candle in the gloom that lights up my stupidity.

Enjoy the rest of the week and know that my punishment arrives tomorrow pm when I am having a root canal treatment at the dentist :blush:

All the best,


Hahahah, absolutely no worries at all! I am just happy to help, and it is in the best interests of both of us that the solution turns out to be really simple! Don’t hesitate to reach out, all questions are welcome. You might feel that it should have been evident to you, but the nice thing about a forum is that your question and its solution will now be able to help others in the future! We really appreciate this!

Ouch. That sounds unpleasant… I hope it goes well! Sounds like quite an over-dimensioned punishment compared to the crime if you ask me!

Have a nice day!

Kind Regards,

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