Difference of Revision between MSFS Updater and Data Manager

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looking to MSFS Updater in Airac 2111 Rev. 1, i see that i can update it with Rev. 2 , that i make.
Coming back to FMS Data Manager which was in Airac 2111 Rev. 1, i run the full update Airac Add-on list to have Rev. 2, but all of them stay on Rev. 1 after the complete update process.
do i miss something ?
Another question of comfort , is it possible to have the revision number added to Airac code in the top right window of FMS data Manager
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The revision number is on a per-dataset basis. Some may be 1, some may be 2 or greater, within the same AIRAC, as we revise details in each dataset.



Thanks Stephen , if i well understand you , you say me that it is possible to have 2 different Rev. number between FMS Data Manager & MSFS 2020 updater

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Right, and also you can have different revision numbers between the addons in the FMS Data Manager, because the revision is per addon/dataset and not a global/general number for all addons/dataset.


Hi Richard
revision process is clear for me , we can close the topic
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