FMS showing two different revisions

As you can see form the image below it downloaded different revisions for each product. If I click update, no changes to revisions. I did a restore to last cycle on each, then updated. It still updated to rev 1 and rev 2 like the image shows below. Running Windows 10.

Since both buttons are green it means they are both on the latest available revision for each product. Each product’s dataset is revised individually.



Ah, okay. Sorry then. Didn’t know each product got their own revisions. Thank you for the quick reply!

Hi Ian,

Is it normal that we have rev 2 and rev 1 for different add-ons?

Ps. I just removed everything from my Custom Data and re-installed last 4 items from scratch.

Hi Hayri,

Yes, thats ok so far. A lot of addons use their own dataset and when we identified any issue in an addon, then it doesn´t mean, it´s also an issue in an other addon. Therefore you see different revision - we have re-build some datasets due a calculation error and therefore some addons couldn´t read the datasets correctly.

So, all is good :+1:


Thanks Richard, have a nice weekend.

Good day,

I the any chance of updating the X-plane11(11.50+) file to rev 2 as well?

Kind regards


Hi Stephan,


As per Stephen and Rich’s posts above Revisions are product specific, and X-Plane 11 (11.50+) already has latest revision.


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