AIRAC Version Mismatch

On PC #1, I updated MSFS 2020 using Navigragph NavData Center. AIRAC 2111 rev 2 installed.
On PC #2, I updated Little NavMap using FMS Data Manager. after the update, it shows AIRAC 2111 rev 1 in FMS Data Manager. I hover over that green label and a popup says “latest revision installed”.

Should I have removed revision 1 first?

see the answer of a nearly equal question

Each dataset is differ, means a fix in one dataset doesn´t mean that I must fix it in any other, expect it´s an error directly in the data, but in most cases it´s an issue specially in combination with the addon. Means in other words: A fix in MSFS is a fix for MSFS but has no effect in any other addon. When, than we would also create a new revision for the other addons.


I understood your reply and appreciate. That makes sense. However, I think I did have something go wrong on my end. Troubleshooting now. The reason I think so, is some of the waypoints around an airport I am flying to are different. (between MSFS and Little NavMap.) I will post back when I get it sorted.

Thanks for your feedback … Possible you must re-create the scenery-library in LNM … depending on how you compare the data with which version.


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