Charts Desktop App/Cloud crashes when deleting flights

I am running into a weird issue where whenever I delete a flight/flights in either the desktop app or the Cloud, it closes out; for the desktop app, the whole program just crashes, and for the Cloud version, the browser tab closes itself.

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We are trying to find the common factor - maybe your internet connection. Can you try connecting through another means - maybe through a hotspot on mobile phone.


I have exactly same issue. Whenever I try to delete flightplan from list, whole Charts application crashes and shutdown. Just created very simple fpl, only choosing dep and dest airports. Then Unloaded it. Chose Edit, chose that flightplan and clicked Delete, confirmed deletion and immediately Charts crashed.

Using desktop version. Version info in screenshot.


@Ian Is this topic still active? :slight_smile:

We can’t reproduce it yet. Does this occur with Charts Cloud?
Can you try another internet connection , say by hot spotting with your mobile phone.



On iPhone the deletion takes place, however, you get the following message:

The app does not crash.

Regards, Neil.

Just did switch to mobile hotspot connection and tried with both laptop and PC… and same outcome, no warning or error messages, flightplan deletes and Charts application just closes.

And also tried with Android tablet Charts, same out come as @DeceleratingAerofoi1 had, flightplan deletes but with that error message.

@Ian Is there any error log or something we could provide to you to solve this issue? It’s getting quite frustrating…

Same problem here. Navigraph Charts crashes everytime I delete a flightplan.

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I’ve had a similar problem under macOS, when deleting a flight, the main window closes-- interestingly, it’s not a crash (and therefore macOS does not generate a crash report), the app icon remains open in the dock, and the main window can be brought back by clicking on said dock icon.

Maybe the Windows app similarly doesn’t crash but rather automatically quits because the main window was closed or something?



I have the exact issue and it only started after AIRAC 2406 Rev. 2

the charts have nothing todo with any data revisions. Completely independent. So, thats not the issue even it looks so for you, sorry.


Does this occur with Charts Cloud?


It occurs with Navigraph on my desk top.
I’m not sure what Charts Cloud is?

Try running the web based Navigraph Charts at Navigraph Charts .

It has virtually the same functionality as Charts Desktop.


Thank you Ian,

If I LAUNCH it from the Navigraph\Downloads\Charts\Cloud of the website all is good. But if I launch it from the Cloud Windows version it has a CTD

Hi Dane,

It seems you have a solution at

We shall investigate the deleting flights issues in Charts desktop when our developers return from summer break.


Still having the problem with the desktop app, and wondered if this is normal to have four Navigraph Charts in the Control Panel.