DC3 and terrain clearance


I’ve been trying to plan a DC3 flight from KBOS to KLAS. Unfortunately, the SImBrief planner is limiting the flight to 12 or 14K, which isn’t very mountain friendly once you get west of Denver with MORAs of 16.2 or 16.8. The last pass I tried had me underneath terrain crossing around KD54U.

Is there a way to get AUTO cruise altitude to watch for either the MEA on an airway or the MORA when running directs?

Just curious what I’m doing wrong.


Hi, currently AUTO altitudes will not check for terrain clearance as you’ve seen.

I don’t know when this feature might come. But for now you can of course just manually set a cruising altitude, or if you want to only climb at a specific point in the route, you can set this directly in the route string by typing “/F000” after the waypoint. For example, to climb to 16000 after FQF, you would type:

OBH J128 FQF/F160 J10 HBU

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Thanks for that. Is there a way to do ± fix distance? Like FQF10/F160?

For now you should be able to accomplish this using PBD (Place/Bearing/Distance) waypoints. The only thing is this won’t work along an airway (it will cause an “invalid airway endpoints” error), so you’d need to break up the airway. For example:

OBH J128 HCT FQF065050/F160 FQF J10 HBU

That’s the best solution I can come up with for the moment. Hope it helps,


It does, thanks! Appreciate the efforts.

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