Database FDP loading of vertical paths in A320

Hi, Coded vertical paths are now the normal for coding. This is usually done from an intermediate fix or a initial fix. At the moment the database only has coding from the FAF or Course Fix.

I have seen in SQLite it is possible to adjust the VNAV on a waypoint to enable VNAV path and LNAV/VNAV approaches, aswell as RNP-AR.

Is there an easy way to enable the VNAV path coding from the backend, or do I need to amend the Database each cycle?

first of all, please can you give us more details in general:

  • which sim do you use?
  • which addon (A320) do you use?
  • and last, an example airport/approach that we can verify, what is missing or wrong

Thank you,

Hi Richard,

I have been experimenting with PROSIM-AR and Fenix in MSFS.

An example would be YMML RNP27. The coding is different from the real life aircraft which has the FDP associated with VISAS. The navigraph database doesn’t code this until MMLEF.

Another example will be the RNP16 at YMML. The chart has 3 degrees from ANBEM, however the database is only coded from MMLNF.

I have checked the example with YMML RNP27 and at least the coding in the database seems to be correct and complete equal to the charts.

Here the sequence from the Prosim SQLite database of the YMML RNP27:

You see the sequence starts at VISAS and ends at MMLEH . Additional to this you see in the column of the WaypointDescCode the “D” at the first line (VISAS) which indicates that this waypoint is a IAF with FACF

On the next line (TF leg) on the waypoint MMLEF you see the “F” in this column which indicates that this waypoint is coded as FAF:

When you now compare this with charts from the AIP Australia, you have exact the same coding.

The main point here is, that the main information about VNAV and LNAV/VNAV is missing but it´s missing because there is no column available that I can set this information correctly in the database. In our source database the waypoint MMLEF is coded as LNAV and LNAV/VNAV. But I don´t have any possibility to set this information somewhere in the database and therefore the addon doesn´t know this.

Sorry - hope that helps,

PS: exactly the same with the RNP16 - we have all these information but according the addon specification, we can´t insert it somewhere.

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