Cycle 2014 MSFS2020

Happy New Year,
following problem. Cycle 2014 is installed, but nothing changes in the FMC. A320, B747 and dreamliner. See pictures. I deleted and reinstalled several times. Always the same.
Greetings Fred

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also Happy New Year 2021 - all the best to you …

Thanks for your posting. Yes, we know that but we can´t change it. We have the data added in the files according the SDK but it looks like, that the sim doesn´t take these values. The last cycle 2013 was the same and it was changed after ASOBO had released their navdata updates.

Sorry, we would but we couldn´t :slight_smile: … at the moment, the only possibility to verify which cycle you have installed is either via the client or as your screenshot directly under the “Content Manager” in the sim. As soon as ASOBO release again an update, I´m pretty sure, they will change the ident-pages also with the newest information.

No helpful, I know but that´s the facts … sorry!


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Thank you Richard.
Gruss Fred