Cut , copy and paste route

During Beta testing I was able to cut and copy or paste route in or from the route ribon of the chart routing.
I am no longer able to do that . It does’nt work anymore.
This is a real problem.
That means that I can’t copy the route into my Vpilot flight plan.
I can’t paste a route from another party planner.
I cannot modify the route.

Please reinstate this feature as soon as possible and let me know what happens.

Many thanks
Jacques Lonchambon

Chrome, Windows 10, Prepar3d

Hi Jacques,

You can copy the route to clipboard by:

Clicking on the pencil icon to right of the flightplan ribbon, selecting and copying the text :


In Flights,

Export flight plan\Copy to clipboard:

Paste from Clipboard in the usual way


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I didn’t know that. I will try it.
But why was the capability to cut and paste directly in the ribbon removed?
That was very handy……
I still would like the capability to PASTE routings on the ribbon.
That’s because I plan many flights with PFPX which has Aircraft -specific performance and dispatch computations, fuel computing.etc …etc. As well as routings. Thus, I would have been able to paste their routing into Navigraph Route ribbon.
So, PFPX and Navigraph work very well together.

So can you reinstate the capability?

Thanks again for your quick answer.

Jacques lonchambon

You can edit, cut (Ctrl-X), copy (Ctrl-C), paste (Ctrl-V) on the ribbon.


Hello Ian,
Thanks for your quick response.
I will try your suggestion and keep you informed on my findings.