Printable Flight Plan

Is there a way to print out a complete flight plan (waypoints, headings, etc.)? I see the option to export a “copy route to clipboard” and that gives me the string, but wondered about getting more detail out of Navigraph to print for backup. The military side of me: one is none, two is one. I apologize for all the newbie questions (have had Navigraph less than a week, but hope to be able to help others soon!). Thank you. Brian

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Hello Brian! Welcome to the forum.

I guess you’re referring to some form of navlogs? If that is correct, then we’re currently missing this feature and we are aware of it. The reasoning is simply that it is seldomly requested by our IFR-flying users. However, such a feature is planned for the VFR-focused iteration that we are working on!


Thank you for your consideration and reply. -Brian

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