Cruise profile to alternate

I noticed on the XML data from CL60 briefings, that SimBrief is using the M77 cruise profile for alternate calculations, even when the main cruise profile is set to M72, for example.

My understanding is SimBrief usually uses the most economical cruise profile for the alternate (which used to be M77 when the CL60 profile was first introduced). For example it seems to use a CI of 0 for the alternate regardless of what CI is used for the trip fuel.

At the very least, it probably shouldn’t be using a faster, less efficient profile than the one used for the main trip cruise?

I also wonder, more generally, in the case of using non-CI cruise profiles, would it make sense to actually use the same profile for main trip and alternate?



Hi Tim, fixed now. I forgot to update the alternate profile when I added the M72 cruise.

Most flight planners almost universally use the most economical cruise when planning the alternate, to minimize the fuel requirements. So I figure it makes sense for SimBrief to do the same.

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