Connecting Galaxy Tablet to the PC for connection

First post,

I have a subscription to Navigraph and use it on my PC I would like to use my android tablet to show a moving Map.

I don’t want to use Wi-fi but I have my tablet connected directly to my PC where flight Sim and Navigraph is running.

Will my tablet recognise and connect?

My PC see my tablet in my devices, again I want to hard wire the tablet on the same pcb and same network.

I am assuming it will work but just want to check as I don’t use wi-fi.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. my machine is packed up for a week or so as I’m moving so I cannot connect and check myself



As long as your tablet has its own internet connection, you should be able to run Charts Android on it.


I explained I don’t run WiFi.

Is there direct tethering then.

The tablet is connected to the main machine so usb tethering.

Dues the software allow for that?

Moving Map functionality is provided by Simlink on your FS machine sending your FS coordinates to our servers. When you run Charts on your tablet the charts are downloaded to your tablet via the internet with our servers adding the magenta aircraft icon. There is no local connection between FS and Charts.

I haven’t tried USB tethering, so cant comment if the tethering provides a transparent internet connection for the tablet. I read there may be some slow down in internet connection via tethering, which could be an issue.

Best to try it when you can.