Communication between preferred route submitter

Hi, my name is Lotin Zhang, I am an assistant of VATSIM People’s Republic of China Division Operation Director (@djnken). Recently I am helping the division operation director submitting acceptable routes between Chinese airports to Simbrief Route Database as perferred routes and reporting those incorrect routes. However, today I discovered that somebody has marked an incorrect route, which was marked as reported route earlier, as perferred route.

We want to contact the user but I can’t find any information about the identity of the submitter. Is there any chance to allow users who submit perferred routes to communicate with each other? For example, show the submitter’s ID or his/her email address to users who is authorized to submit perferred routes.

Hi, for privacy reasons I will not post the user’s email or ID here.

I have reached out to that user, if they wish they will respond to you in this forum topic in the coming days perhaps.

Best regards,