Closure of airport

The almost certain closure of Doncaster airport has been announced today.
Its one of my favourite addons and places to fly from / to. Will the data about approaches etc disappear from navigraph, making life much less enjoyable?!

If the host-nation updates their AIRAC data timely and roves all NavData references, the answer is yes.

Hi Richard,
@Casualclick is right … but that has nothing todo with us, that will happen in the stock data also.

… but I have an idea … what, when the scenery designer at the latest data in their scenery?

Normally, they shouldn’t do this due the monthly updates but in such cases, there are no updates expected, it’s static when closed …

Feel free to forward these posting to the scenery designer to get in touch with us. Possible we will find a solution :wink:


Thanks for these comments

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