Citation X

Using the standard Information on various sites, Including Cessna itself…When I plug a flight into from say Boston to Vegas it tells me it is out of range?..Hu Route distance: 2159 nm (+ 4.6%)…the X has a range of * Normal Range: 2890 nm

  • Max Range: 3125 nm…

What’s your weight, winds, etc. 2890 NM may be pushing the limit. I tested this. Cessna-750 X BOS-LAS full pax (12)
freight 1.5
45 min reserve
30 min cont fuel
I am pushing MAX TOW:
FL 400 |

Can you post a Screen Shot?

I continue to get unable CRZ altitude in FMS when planning. Could it be the simbrief is not planning enough fuel for me? for Citation X? The simbrief plan says FL450 but I end up putting FL290. Help.

Hello again, can you send some screen shots of your Simbrief data?