Charts for VVNB

Hi i have recently added VVNB to msfs2020 . Have checked the gate numbers from gate 17 upwards and your charts are showing them in reverse order. Have looked on Flight Radar24 and they also show the gates to be in the opposite way to how you have numbered on your charts.
Could you please verify and change.
Rgds Tony

Hi! Welcome back to the forum and thanks for the feedback.

Do you have an official source to back up this claim? As far as I can tell, our maps and charts seem to be consistent with each other and our source provider gets the information for both of these from the authorities. Could you clarify what you mean by the opposite way? They seem to be in order from west to east.

This is the same data that is being used in Jeppesen’s real-world EFB software, used by real pilots.

How do you see gates on FR24? This is what it looks like to me:

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I had a look at my company’s LIDO charts, and they match the Jeppesen/Navigraph. So I assume they are correct, and Flightradar might have it incorrec

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