Charts are no longer listed / displayed

Hello all,

The listing of available charts for any airport are no longer listed and available to view. Using Windows 10 desktop version. I have also tried the web version which is also not appearing.


Hello Lloyd! Thanks for reaching out.

We are not able to reproduce this issue. Please try restarting the application, there might have been something temporary!

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I have removed and re-installed and appears to be working now…even the web based version which strikes me as odd.

The one thing I did differently was SimBrief a flight and load in Charts. I did not fly and re-SimBriefed the flight 12+ hours later but not able to load new flight in Charts (different runway and SID).

Thanks for the prompt response!

I have the same issue. No charts and cant access existing flight plans.

Same issue if you restart app?

Same issue with the web app



I tried restarting the app and accessing through the web interface or desktop. Also uninstalled and reinstalled once. Didnt seem to make any differences.

Its working now, back to normal. No idea what changed but new flights, loading options, and browse to airports/charts all seem to be working now.

If it changes I will submit a new incident.

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