Changing to external view and back loses in-game panel context

Completely loving the new in game-panel except for one tough break…

Whenever I change to an external view and back (which I do all the time for situational awareness) it forces what appears to be a complete re-instantiation of the in-game panel, losing any charts overlays I had open, map position, zoom level (I think), etc. It also causes a momentary fps hit as the chart redraws, reloads the flight plan, and re-centers.

It would be really nice if it just stayed put. At the moment I have to fight my muscle memory NOT to change to an external view when I’m doing tricky navigation that requires Navigraph.

For what it’s worth, if this is caused by a limitation in how MSFS triggers and instantiates the Navigraph instance, I’d be willing to run the PC client in the background for continuity.

Thanks for listening.

VR forever,

Looks like 0.4 did the trick! Humble thanks.

Yes we put some effort into that one after your post. Glad you like it!



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