Changelog Simlink version

Anywhere I can get the changelog to v1.1.19.0104

I want to check if the SimLink has been updated, to stop the loss of framerate and pointer dragging issues, it drops out frequently as well? Thanks Ian

Hi Stephen,


We shall be issuing release notes shortly but basically:

Release details:

  1. Fixed stuttering issue
  2. Simlink now runs on Big Sur macOS
  3. Show Simlink icon on macOS dock panel
  4. Navigraph logo correction for Simlink login window
  5. Show warning message to user if Simlink plugin was not updated into Simulator
  6. Fixed some minor issues

We would appreciate feedback in this Category, especially from those previously experiencing Simlink issues. Please advise if Simlink for Windows or macOS


Hi Ian

Thanks for the reply, I will test v1.1.19.0104 and note hereā€¦ thanks for the changelog details


Is there a link which has all the update notes?
Cant seem to find it.