Can't upadate current Airac 2111 in CRJ 900/1000 from Aerosoft

I have installed new CRJ 900/1000 from Aerosoft (still have 550/700 version).
In app Naviraph Data Center and in NavData Manual Installation on the site I have only possibility to update CRJ 550/700 Professional. Current airac is only in 550/700’s FMC.
How or when will I will able to update FMC of new CRJ 900/1000 version?

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the datasets are the same but the locations are differ. We must look, how we can implement this very strange situation. The developer has informed us about this process/steps one day before the release, so please be patience, we are working on a suitable solution.

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OK, Thanks a lot for answer.
I will wait for Yours solution
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Can we just copy over the respective NavData folders in the respective module?

Yes, its exactly the same dataset but due to a Marketplace limitation AS had to put the new CRJ900/1000 into a new folder structure.

When you have bought the CRJ via a webshop, its the same location as the 550/700 (and the same folder).


any news for the crj 900/1000 from the marketplace? cant put the navigraph navdata.


We are still working on it. It will probably take a few days before we can have a working solution published.



FYI, I manually copied the navdata from the CRJ 500-700 to the new folder for the CRJ900-1000 and it works just fine. Pretty easy to do even for an old guy like me.

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