Aerosoft CRJ 900/1000 and Navigraph

I bought the 900/1000 addon on the Marketplace today.

I used to be able to use the Navigraph NavData Center to update the 550/700 to the latest AIRAC. Does the 900/1000 also use this data once installed, or do we need to update its navdata separately?

I’m asking because I noticed the 900/1000 has its own file structure on disc, including its own navdata directory.

The Navigraph installer currently doesn’t seem to recognise the 900/1000 is installed, it only lists the Aerosoft 550/700 as a supported product.

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right - it´s a little bit a crazy solution and not very common (hopefully). Because there are different paths for webshop installations and marketplace installation.

We have currently a beta-version for testing, to support this special cases and we hope that we can release it during the next week. After that you should see a new entry in the Navigraph Navdata Center, when you have bought the CRJ900/1000 via Marketplace. For user which has bought the CRJ900/1000 via a webshop (outside the Marketplace), it´s still working now because there were no change necessary.

Hope that helps, as soon we have released the new version, we will add it in the Release notes …


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