Can't Find SLSU - Bolivia

It will be a little late as I have a need to fly there on my next flight but do you think you might add SLSU to the database? Thanks

Probably not in the database anymore because it’s apparently administered by the military since 2017, with no commercial traffic.



Thanks, Tim. My Virtual Airline included it in a tour and I can see from the comments made that we all use Navigraph! As an aside I was playing around with LittleNavMap last night and they include the airfield with all the relevant detail.

Much appreciate your getting in touch with the information – thank you.


Hi Paul,
I have marked Tim´s answer as a primary solution because it´s absolutely correct (thanks Tim (@Rodeo314)). What I will try is to add it as tailored record (at least airport + runways) to the database for the next cycle 2307. Not sure, if I find all information add it but I will try it …


Thanks Richard. I don’t know if you saw my reply to Tim so I’ll add the gist of it. I raised the point only because my Virtual Airline had included the airport in one of its Tours and it was causing a few of us to suggest it was not an ideal airport for a tour. Navigraph has become almost impossible to replace in the sim-world. Anyway, thanks for considering it and thanks for an outstanding product.


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