Colombia Database Update

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Hi Navigraph, please notice that Colombia’s aerodromes list has been updated early this year 2023 by their Colombian Aeronautical Authority: Aerocivil. Hoping this update could solve previous request from other simmers. Thank you!

and welcome - please can you be more specific - currently there are 99 airports available in Colombia. So what airport do you mean should be updated?

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Hi, Colombia has thousands of airports, just one small fraction is controlled by Aerocivil, but mostly of them are regional airports or local airfields but still busy with intensive traffic, mostly of them controlled by the Colombian Air Force.
Below you can find just three of those.


Airport | OACI Name | IATA Name | Department | Coordinates |

  • | - | - | - | - |
    Capurgana | SKCA | CPB | CHOCO |
    08-3749.83 N, 77-21.84 W

    Morelia | SKMO | 9PX | META | 03-4558N, 71-2721.84 W |

    Navas Pardo - Chaparral | SKHA | CPL | TOLIMA | 03-4327.7N - 75-2755.45 W |

Below the official link :eAIP Colombia (


eAIP Colombia

AIP for Specimen


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and thats the reason why such airports are not included - we don´t offer military controlled airports, sorry.