Cannot read code number on fs2000 for map access

QR code cannot be read …corrupted picture. Do I have to sign in with this code everytime I start the program??


You can sign in using the URL . Please see Unable to scan QR code - any options?.

You need to login once per simulator session. Please see Navigraph in Game Panel suggestion - #4 by stephen


Ian, I was unable to see the url; it was corrupted. I usually sign in by going to the web page: “Navigraph”. Then I put in the code, but I cannot read the code because it is corrupted. I just checked it again and it is still unreadable. See attached screenshot.

Ian: Here is the screenshot. The one I just sent did not work.


Please make the window a little bigger horizontally. Click and drag the right edge of the window with your mouse.

Then the items should not overlap and the code should be visible.



Thank you Ian - I now have it sorted…Roger

Enlarging the window solved the issue; however, now I cannot sign in. Navigraph is not recognizing my password. The password worked before but no …not at all. I have tried many times.