Cannot drag charts purple circle

hi there, im a new user and have googled for this without result, sometimes (not always) if I have a chart overlayed, when i try to drag the chart to move position (say to read a contraint) I am unable to move the chart and a purple circle with a cross inside is drawn on the screen, have tried using both left and right button to drag without any joy, its really quite frustrating! anyone know what Im doing wrong? thanks in advance.

Hi there!

The behavior you described, where a purple circle with a cross appears, typically occurs with a single right-click on the map. This action is intended to show all the airspaces, waypoints, etc., within the circle in the Location infoview. When dragging the map with the right mouse button, it should rotate, and when dragging with the left mouse button, it should pan as you expect.

To help us troubleshoot further, could you please provide the following information:

  1. Operating System: Which operating system are you using (e.g., Windows 10, macOS Sonoma)?
  2. Application Version: Are you running the charts in a web browser or the native desktop application?
  3. Web Browser: If using a web browser, which one are you using (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Edge)?
  4. Accessibility Features: Do you have any accessibility features enabled on your computer?

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to try:

  1. Switch Web Browsers: If you use the web version of Charts, try using a different web browser and let us know if the problem continues. Also, please specify which web browser was causing the issue.
  2. Try Different Versions: If you use the desktop version, try the web version to see if the issue is specific to the desktop application. Conversely, if you use the web version, try downloading and using the desktop application.
  3. Check Mouse Settings: Verify and reset your mouse settings to default in your system settings.
  4. Disable Accessibility Features: Check if any accessibility features (like ClickLock or mouse keys) are enabled and disable them if not needed.
  5. Close Other Applications: Close all other running applications and see if the issue persists.

Your detailed feedback will help us diagnose and resolve the issue more effectively. Thank you for your patience!

Kind regards,


HI Marcus, maany thanks for your time, I am running on the desktop version on windows 11. I think I have cured the problem, it only seems to occur when I’m running my monitor in portrait mode. Now I have given it a swivel to landscape it seems to be working (no idea why, maybe all the pixels fell to the bottom :slight_smile:

Interesting :slight_smile: Does it stop working when you go back to portrait again?

Kind regards,


hi Marcus, will give a swivel today and let report back

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