Can not Subscibe to NAv Data only can see ultimate Subscription

I have recently decided I want to bite the bullet and get a Nav data subscription. But the issues I find is I am only offered the Ultimate plan and no where is there a place for the navdata only subscription. I have no intrest in speding $90 a year for chart when I dont need them. The site and many oithger palces say their is a nav data only subscritpion but there is no option to buy it.

here you find the answer:


Richard, when I pointed this out to Stephen a couple of months ago he promised he would make the FMS Data option much more prominent. By only showing the expensive Charts option it makes people believe that is the sole option.

Please show the FMS Data option on the main screen. To not do so smacks of being underhand and some may buy Charts believing it’s the only option. Not something you would expect from Navigraph.

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Ray, please don’t understand me/us wrong but it’s our decision how we offer which package, prominent or not so prominent.

The *navdata only" package is available and in the screenshot you see how and where. Whenever someone doesn’t find it, we are here for help.

Again, the “navdata only” subscription is (and will be) still available, but please accept our design decision.

Thank you very much

Understood. Nothing further to add.

I said it would be made clearer what the renewal price is also to existing subscribers. This is on our shortlist and will be implemented. I did not say that we will promote it to new users, as we will not, and this must be our decision alone Ray.


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Thanks for that. Hopefully implemented soon to prevent confusion for those who think the option has been removed.

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