BIAR LOC 01 // LOC A in PMDG 737-700

Hello, I’m currently flying to BIAR airport with PMDG 737-700 (Airrac 2204 (check it and it shouldn’t be issue)) and I started my landing preps early but when I inserted LOC A or LOC 01 in the APPR page I always got ILS frequency and course.

One more thing I’ve noticed just now, even in FMC it does not show right information, at FL01 it should be glideslope of 3.30° from the charts, GP is only showed for ML01 >> RW01 at 2.88° which I don’t even know is from since rom ML01 it is just manual visual approach.

the PMDG doesn’t support multiple frequencies for one runway. Therefore it takes the main one … This is not a navdata issue, its due the old data format but we are working with PMDG on an new format, which should support such situations.

Sorry, this is currently a PMDG limitation but you can re-set the frequency and the course in the FMC as a temporary solution.


Hello, thank you for answer! I tried changing the frequency and course in FMC manually but it didn’t work, but that is on PMDG side, anyways thanks for help! Have a nice day.

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