Berbera Airport, Somaliland, HCMI. Airport present but no Rwys and charts

During my trips in Africa, I tried to visit Somaliland Berbera airport. I find it in the map, but no Rwy and so no charts. Berbera airport is one with the longest rwy in africa and in the world. Why no data?



Hello Ernesto! Welcome to the new forum.

The data we provide directly reflect that of our data provider, Jeppesen. Jeppesen is the leading provider in the industry with its substantial coverage of world navigation data.

There are, however, still areas where the coverage is not perfect. These tend to be in areas where Jeppesen does not have that many customers.

In this particular case, Somalia AIP is known to be quite… lacking. You can get a taste of its features here (where you’ll also find some info about Berbera): ICAO Somalia AIP Part 3

I hope this answers the question, feel free to advise if such is not the case!


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