Bandwidth Usage?

I wasn’t sure where to post this question: Hello: I am a new user of MSFS and am very interested in subscribing to Navigraph. Here is my question: Does usage of Navigraph require constant connection to the internet during a flight? I am on a metered internet service, and I have to watch my usage reasonably carefully. It is a concern that, say on a one-hour flight, I will eat up a great deal of bandwidth and get a nasty fee increase message for my internet provider! Any information you could provide to me on this would be most welcome. Thank you very much!

Edward Ziegler
Garden City, Kansas USA


Yes, all our apps need to be connected to the Internet to function. But they only request data very seldomly unless you request it yourself, for example when zooming/panning the map or opening a chart. Also if you use moving maps, there will be a more continuous data feed. But the data is relatively lightweight, it is much less than streaming audio or video.