B737-800 Equipment Suffix

I am wanted to change the Equipment Suffice for my saved ZIBO 737-800 plane. It defaults to G and it should be L. But I do not see anywhere that can be done. Does anyone know if it’s possible to change it in my saved plane section? I always have to change it before filing the flightplan.

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Hi, the FAA equipment suffix is derived from the ICAO equipment you set for your aircraft.

See here for a description of FAA codes: Equipment codes - Wikipedia

Notice how /L requires RNAV capability, GNSS/GPS, and RVSM. That means your ICAO equipment needs to at least include the letters corresponding to those capabilities (R, G, and W respectively) for it to result in /L.

Currently it looks like your equipment is set to “SABDFGRVYL”, so you’re missing the “W”.

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Thank you so very much for the kind and quick reply. Is there a specific place I need to place the W? TRhank you again.


I got it working. Thank you again!


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