AZR VOR range is too short

The Nice Cote D Azur VOR-DME (AZR) cuts off after 25nm in MSFS.
This is not realistic as it is for example used for the published hold at NERAS, which is over 25nm from AZR. The default MSFS NavBlue gives this VOR a 195nm range, and AZR @ OurAirports says this is a ‘high power’ VOR-DME.

sorry but thats not correct and “OutAirports” isn´t a real world aviation reference. The AZR is a terminal VOR and a terminal VOR has a guarantee limit/minumum of 25NM according the FAA standard:

NERAS is a namend intersection/RNAV waypoint so you don´t need any reference to any navaid …


OurAirports was my first google result, what about e.g. that lists it at a 100nm range?

But especially look at the published holds at NERAS for LFMN. For example on the 10-2C and 10-2D STAR charts or the 11-1 and 11-2 SID charts, they all reference D30 and D35 from AZR. How is that possible when it’s range is supposedly just 25nm?

Or actually see page 9 of
This is an official and recent French AIP document that also lists AZR as having a 100nm range.

thanks for the official AIP info. We will re-check this with our data provider.


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Hi again,
this is fixed with the next AIRAC cycle 2109. From this cycle on, we use the real distances (where available) of the VHF/NDB navaids and not only the FAA minimum distances.

So in other word ARZ has 100nm from 2109 on :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your feedback and your help to improve our service


Great news, thanks for the update!

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