Anyone know what .DAT FILE I could use for FD free display

Hello, I have found a program called fd free displays that is very old but gives workable PFD and nd for the pmdg, the file for data is from 2004 haha, and wondered if it could be updated, it excepts flight plan data from project magenta so assume there is a way? Where could I get a dat file to test or be able to tell which one could potentially work?

Bump to see if anyone can help

Please forward us the link to this tool, than I can look deeper into it and what file you need (if we provide this format).

Thank you

PS: but I honest, I have never heard anythig from this addon/tool

me neither,i cant find a link, it was called FREEFD glass cockpits from 2004, and it uses a .dat file, that i thought i could try a project magenta data file…

Allright, but in this case it is impossible to say what .dat file you’re looking for sorry.


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