Any chance of adding modern business jets like Bombardier Global 6000

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I would like to ask if there is the possibility that modern business jets with long range like the Bombardier Global 6000 will be added in the nearer future? Or is there a thay that I can add the performance indicators of such an aircraft by myself to plan a transatlantic crossing with one of these type of aircraft?

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It’s hard to say when the Global 6000 might be added. But for now, you could always create your own custom airframe using the My Fleet section.

I recommend choosing a similar aircraft type to start (for example, maybe the GLF4), and then updating the name, weights, max passengers, fuel capacities, etc. to match the Global 6000 specs. Finally, you can increase or decrease the fuel burn as needed using the “Fuel Factor” option.

This part can take a bit of trial and error, but initially, I recommend you leave the fuel factor at zero (“P00”), do a flight, check whether you burned more or less than what SimBrief predicted, and then set the Fuel Factor accordingly to correct it for future flights (if your airframe burned 10% more than what SimBrief predicted, then you would set the fuel factor to “P10”, or “Plus 10%”).

You should be able to get relatively accurate results using this method I think. Let me know if you have any other questions!


thanks a lot for the response. I’ll give that a try and come back to you if it doesn’t work. Kind regards.

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