Altimeter undefined (iPhone)

My setup

iPhone 11, iOS 16.3.1, Charts 8.20.0-beta-1

What I expected to happen.

Opened the airport view, went to information, Weather, metar. Expected Altimeter to correspond to the altimeter field in the METAR.

What actually happened

The altimeter field says “undefined hPa (NaN inHg)” even though the METAR does show the altimeter value.

Hej Erik! Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

We are aware of this issue and will get rid of it soon, at the latest when the next web/desktop update is released but hopefully before then. Thanks for reporting it!

Kind Regards,

This has now been fixed! The mobile app will exit beta in the next 24 hours. Thanks again for the feedback!

Kind Regards,

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