Alternate not saving

Hi, When saving a flight plan, the alternate selected does not save. Could this be fixed?


Currently this is by design. Because saved flights are intended to be loaded and re-flown on future dates, it recalculates the alternate when loading (since the weather might have changed and the alternate you selected in the past might no longer be legal today).

We will look into providing an option to customize this though!

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Hi! I understand, that makes sense! Thanks :slight_smile:

I would argue though that weather is ‘rarely’ a factor in deciding for alternates. I believe most of the time alternates are rather a commerical decision which is why I almost always change the default alternate selected by Simbrief - hence why I believe saving makes more sense. In my personal case, I’ll often plan a flight in the mornning, do some research based on the airline on what a probable alternate could be and then generate the flight plan in the evening shortly before the flight. I often forget to re-enter the alternate I had researched. First world problems ^^

Having an option to customise would be awesome!

Having no idea how Simbrief works, this may be completely impossible, would it be possible to have the alternate save and then if when generating, if the taf indicates ceiling <2000ft a warning could populate suggesting to check if the alternate is within planning limits? (with a comment in remarks similar to when the payload was limited to comply with MZFZ/MTOW)

What I think we might end up doing is loading the saved alternates, unless they are no longer legal for today’s weather.


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