Airway J70 between BLUIT and EPH becomes J12 on the map - intentional?

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Either there is an issue with the charts navdata or charts aren’t depicting the airways correctly.

PMDG data lists J12 and J70 linking BLUIT to EPH:

J12 003 BLUIT 47.405933 -120.418197
J12 004 EPH 47.377919 -119.424003

J70 029 EPH 47.377919 -119.424003
J70 030 BLUIT 47.405933 -120.418197

Additioinaly PFPX navdata also depicts the airways correctly:

Thank you for the investigation @srcooke ! We came to the same conclusion (the data is correct) and we will investigate potential issues with the map rendering as soon as we can!

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