Filter non-applicable airspaces in VFR mode, like SkyDemon does

In some places in the world, especially in areas with a lot of airports, the VFR map will display an incomprehensible amount of airspaces.

SkyDemon, used VFR by real pilots in Europe, will actually filter the airspaces displayed and only show the pilot the ones that are relevant, based on his/her current altitude. It will also audibly warn then about approaching airspaces they’re not currently in, e.g. when climbing “Warning. Class D airspace 500 feet above.”

Just the ability to filter airspaces based on our altitude, so all the irrelevant ones don’t spam out map, would be a godsend for VFR flying.

Example of a busy region with many intersecting airspaces of which only 2-3 are valid when staying under 1500 ft:


I highly support this proposition. An altitude filter (especially for restricted airspaces) would be really helpful, preferrably as an altitude range.
A good example is the german ICAO VFR Chart (1:500 000), where only airspaces below FL100 are shown (e.g. the TRA Allgäu in southern Germany (between Stuttgart and Munich) that isn’t depicted at all). Also in France it would be reeeeally helpfull, because this airspace is just a mess.


I would love this too. That, and a vertical profile showing airspaces. At the moment I am having to use SkyDemon and Navigraph in combo, but would be so much more useable if available in Navigraph itself (and I could drop the SkyDemon subscription!)

Fingers crossed, Navigraph Charts VFR will become the go to product for sim VFR flying and flight planning.

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Just to add another voice to this, I’d really like to see this feature

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Would love to have this.

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+1 from me… Highly appreciated!

Anther +1 from me, airspace filtering according to your current altitude, perhaps also an ability to set altitudes at specific waypoints in the flight planning area for VFR plans specifically to enable the user to plan climbs and descents around specific airspaces would be cool!

I strongly second this proposal. Southern Germany is just a mess right now, the map is practically unreadable.
I would love to be able to filter out all airspaces above a certain altitude, which would get rid of most of the restricted airspaces here. Also, I don’t care about class Echo while I’m VFR, so I’d love to filter those out, too.