Airport popup not happening

Just installed. Popup window. Airport…bottom right corner does not exist. no popup Software bug.



Not sure what popup you are expecting in Navigraph Hub ?

Maybe post a screenshot using Guide to posting Screenshots](Posting Guide - Uploading Screenshots)


Hopefully you can open this file. I have put an arrow on the missing screen. This is taken from one of your teaching YouTube’s
thanks for helping. I love your product.

I think this is the old Navigraph interface now there is a new one the pop-up is now located on the bottom-left of your screen. It should look like this:

I just bought the subscription 2 wks ago. That is what is so weird.


I assume this is the PC desktop app, and it seems like you have gotten hold of some really old installer.

Please find the new app available from Navigraph



fixed. thx much for your help

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